Resources for Parents & Students

About HawaiiKidsCAN

HawaiiKidsCAN advocates for the success of every Hawaii student, from pre-K through college and career. We improve policy to help all students thrive and share promising practices and stories to demonstrate that all kids CAN succeed.

About Air Tutors

The Air Tutors’s experience developed within the prestigious private school and boarding school arena, where we polished a research-driven tutoring and mentoring service with the goal of helping all students reach their full potential with high-quality, personalized instruction. Beyond their academic brilliance, our tutors have personalities that shine through the web and utilize novel teaching techniques that make lectures come alive for students, captivating their engagement and attention.

Our tutors are trained to align instruction with district chosen curriculum and state learning standards. This allows tutoring instructional time to reinforce classroom instruction and lead to a direct impact on the mastery of learning objectives.

  • Advanced Calculus and Biology students, so they are ready for finals.
  • Algebra I students to make sure they have captured the concepts and have a solid foundation for end of year testing and 2023.
  • Students who are preparing for college to provide expert advice on essay writing and college applications.