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David Miyashiro

Executive Director


As a former public school teacher, I’ve seen firsthand the impact that caring educators and mentors can have on struggling students, especially in helping them build confidence. I’ve also worked in the government, political, and non-profit sectors, so I know that resources and programs are not equitably distributed or accessible. That is why I’m so excited about Hawaiʻi Tutoring, as the program was intentionally designed to address these needs. While big issues like learning loss can seem daunting, collaboration between like minded partner organizations can bring real hope and results.

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Megan Rafferty Anderson

Growth Lead

Air Tutors

I work at Air Tutors because I strongly believe that education can uplift entire communities. Having worked as a special educator for students who lacked access to high-quality learning acceleration, I understand how important programs like the Hawaiʻi Tutoring Program can be in changing the learning trajectory of students. Being a part of this purpose-driven program has been immensely rewarding, and I’m honored to work alongside a team dedicated to increasing access to high-quality learning acceleration for children in communities across Hawaiʻi.

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Hasan Ali

Founder & CEO

Air Tutors

I grew up in K12 schools surrounded by barbed wires and was lucky enough to attend UC Berkeley where I taught general and organic chemistry to fellow Cal undergraduates and grad school students. It was at Cal where I felt educational inequity and thereafter understood inequity as I tutored at the elite private school and boarding school communities while I applied to medical schools.

My ambition in life is to bring those affluent community resources to all students and I started Air Tutors to be the vehicle through which all students, everywhere, are able to find inspiration from mentor-minded educators like I have in my life. We want all kids to have the opportunity – no matter where they live – to recover from learning loss caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and get ahead to achieve their potential.

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